How many riders will there be in your studios?
We will have 8 riders to 1 instructor in our YCK studio and 9 riders to 1 instructor in our ECR studio.

What are the social distancing between bikes?
There will be a 2m safe distancing between riders and 3m between bike groups.

What are the amenities available during this period?
To minimise contact within studio, we have removed the use of shower facilities, water cooler and have ceased providing workout towels. Pls remember to bring your own workout towel when attending your rides.

What is your check in process?
All riders are required to scan our unique Safe Entry QR code before entry.  To facilitate effective tracing, please ensure you have downloaded your TraceTogether apps and have it turned on.

I’m feeling mildly unwell, is it alright for me to show up?
If you are feeling under the weather, please do not visit the studios.  Let’s keep everyone safe.

Under what other circumstances should I stay away from the studios?
Please stay away from our studios if you have:

  •  come in contact with any Covid 19 patient, or is being tested for Covid 19 in the last 14 days
  • come in contact with someone ordered to serve SHN and/or has been issued medical certificates for respiratory symptoms 

What is your cancellation policy?
Our cancellation policy remains the same at 12 hour before class starts.  Due to the very limited bike availability, please ensure your attendance is fulfilled to avoid a credit being deducted for your missed class.

Checking In

  • Temperature Check by frontdesk
  • Check-in using Safe Entry
  • You may be required to wait at our designated waiting area as we strictly only allow limited headcounts in our premises at any one time.

Before class

  • Bikes are sanitized before and after each class
  • Sanitize your hands
  • We will issue an alcohol wipe for each ride
  • Dumbbells will temporarily be removed from our workout routine

After Class

  • Immediately mask up
  • Sanitize your hands
  • Immediately leave from the assigned exit point after class
  • Check out from Safe Entry

Staff Safety

  • To minimise interaction with our staff, kindly send in your enquiries to 
  • To further protect our staff, all our frontdesk will be wearing gloves and masks when on shift.

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