Mandy loves the smiles on her riders’ faces when she challenges them on the bike! She’s always the biggest cheerleader in the room, infecting riders with her positive vibes and making them believe they can be a little stronger than their last ride. Get ready to hike your heart rate through her carefully curated jumps and combis. Get ready to party on the bike with Mandy!


Vanessa equates fitness to a good balance of mental and physical state, and constantly working for that body that can serve your daily function well. Her 50 min set is all about fun combis, resistance and deep burns! Sing along and party on the bike with this firecracker, and she will leave you wanting more!


Need a pick me up class? Then, get on a bike in Krisy’s class. This gal has an infectious smile on her all the time and is ever ready to help you feel good about yourself. Her classes are peppered with fun combis, sprints and resistance tracks. Krisy may be small, but don’t let that size fool you.  She’s a dynamite on the bike and she’s ready to fire you up in her class!


Victoria is passionate about rhythmic rides and loves nothing more than sharing this passion with all her riders. If you dig sprints, speed and jumps, you have to get into one of her classes. She will be sure to let you walk out of the room feeling invigorated and powerful!


Eileen’s classes bring about the togetherness of everyone in the room with her. From the first pedal stroke to the last, she will challenge you to greater heights, beyond what you thought your body could handle! Her playlists are filled with trap, heavy bass and pop remixes. Book a bike with her and let her infectious energy and passion lead you to a place stronger than before you stepped into the room.


Get ready for a rush of adrenaline! Jolyn’s classes are all about non-complex choreography, yet keeping your heart rate high and pumped! Her goal is to make sure you ride uninhibited and find the best version of yourself when you ride with her. Expect highly charged energy in this firecracker’s class and be prepared to get stronger and fitter with her!