Our invigorating 50 minutes of beat-based rhythmic ride classes will have you pumped up along our curated list of upbeat, motivating music! Our Rhythmic Rides combine upper body, core, and lower body that targets to work your entire body. Expect muscles isolation, toning, sprints and riding with resistance.  Be prepared to rev up your cardio and expect to burn 500 calories upwards! Clip in and expect a satisfying and fun workout with a community of like-minded ride fam!



This 50 minutes of Beginners Class is carefully crafted for those of you who want to understand and learn the basics of beat-based cycling. We will teach you how to set up your bike, clip in your cycling shoes and all the fun interesting movements on the bikes.  Expect to learn tap backs, presses, sexy corners, sprints, and jumps!  This class will have you hooked on starting a new fitness routine on our bikes.  Watch your body transform as you embark on this new journey with us!



Series Prices Per Class Validity
Newbie  (2 Rides) $40 $20 2 weeks
1 Ride $38 $38 1 week
5 Rides $160 $32 6 weeks
10 Rides $320 $32 12 weeks
20 Rides $600 $30 20 weeks
30 Rides $840 $28 24 weeks
50 Rides $1250 $25 42 weeks