Riders have to be at least 12 years old. Riders under 18 years old will need a parent or guardian to be present before their first class to sign a waiver form.  Riders also need to be at least 1.53m to ride on the bikes.
Please come in your activewear and bring along a water bottle.  Our studio has shower facilities and water cooler.  We also provide fresh fluffy towels to soak up those party sweat!
We provide cycling shoes for our riders.  However, in some rare occasions, we may not have your size, thus it is always better to bring your running shoes as a backup.  We do encourage our riders to wear our cycling shoes as they are secure and provide a stronger pedal stroke.
Getting started with us is easy.  All you need to do is to create an account online, purchase your selected series and book a spot on the day you wish to ride!  Turn up at least 10-15 minutes earlier before class so that we can assist you with the proper bike set up.
One class credit will be deducted from your ride series if a booked ride is cancelled less than 12 hours before the actual class timing. You may do the cancellation online.
We advise riders to arrive at least 10 – 15 minutes before the actual class timing to allow for ample time to set up the bikes. We also seek your cooperation and understanding, that latecomers will be denied entry; to prevent any class disruption  and for your own personal safety.
We strongly encourage you to start with our Beginners Ride so that you have a better understanding of what riding to the beat is about.  You may also join our Rhythmic Rides if that schedule suits you better.

Our friendly crew and instructors will be there to help you to set up your bike before the ride begins.

If you are pregnant or have a pre-existing medical condition, you are advised to consult your doctor on whether indoor rhythmic cycling is suitable for you.
Do feel free to drop us an email at hello@synccycle.com.sg or call us at 6282 6008.
More often than not, it is due to the possibility that you have booked your first class at a later date than the second class.  For eg.: After purchasing a 10 class series, you booked your first class of this series on 1st November.  Then you wish to book your second class on 28th October.  The system would then prompt you to buy another series in order to book the class on the 28th.  This is because the system has already picked up 1st November as the activation date.  To rectify this, please write to us at hello@synccycle.com.sg
These series are available for sharing:

10, 20, 30 class series can be shared with maximum one other rider.
50 class series can be shared with maximum of two other riders.

28/30 and newbie series cannot be shared.

To activate series sharing, please write to us at hello@synccycle.com.sg

We will review such requests on a case by case basis.  On occasions where we allow such transfers, please note that an administrative fee of $25 is chargeable.
As much as we would love to keep you happy, we hope you understand that a bike was reserved for you, and in cases such as a no-show or late cancels, other riders would not have enough time to react and book that bike.  Thus, it is necessary for the studio to adhere to the policy.
This series allows you to clock up to 28 classes in a month at only $360. However, for no-shows and late cancels, there is a fine of $15.
As a bike has been kept aside for you, your no show or late cancel would have incurred an operating cost for the studio, and thus, it is necessary for the bike booked to be accounted for.