• Can you extend my series for me?
    Due to Circuit Breaker, we have automatically freezed all active series effective 5th April 2020. Once our studio reopens, your series will be unfreezed and the total no. of days freezed due to CB will then be automatically added to your series.Eg: If your series was 10 days due for expiry on 5th April, it will remain as 10 days due for expiry on official reopening date. To request for extension, please submit via this form https://bit.ly/covidextend
  • I am not ready to ride, can you continue to freeze my account?
    Yes, we understand your concerns and you may submit your request via this form https://bit.ly/p2freeze
  • I wish to unfreeze my series for booking. What do I need to do?
    All series which were frozen before the Circuit Breaker will automatically be unfrozen, no action is  required from your end. For those who have requested to freeze after circuit breaker, go to https://bit.ly/unfreezeseries to request for unfreeze. 
  • My series has expired before the Circuit Breaker period. What should I do?
    If your series has expired between 22nd March 2020 and 6th April 2020, we will add another 1 month of extension for you. There is no further action required from you. Please note that this process is manual, we will try our best to facilitate as soon as possible.  
  • I have an existing series. Can I use them during Phase 2 re-opening?
    Effective 1st July, you are able to use your active series for bookings. Except for 

    • 28/30 which will remain frozen until we can return to full capacity
    • Off peak can be used for ISVR and off peak hours
  • I am a Classpasser. Can I book for classes during Phase 2?
    Due to limited bikes available for booking, bikes are made available to members only for now. Do check out our Phase 2 bite sized bundle or latest promotion on Buy page. 
  • How is it like returning to ride in Phase 2?
    More details here.
  • What are the social distancing measures you have in place?
    Before Circuit Breaker, these were the measures we had implemented:

    • Temperature check
    • Reduced head-counts in the studios
    • Increased frequency of cleaning with hospital grade disinfectant
    • Safe Entry for contact tracing and declaration
    • Strict social distancing processes

With the reopening of our studios, the above will be implemented. Additionally, all riders are required to have their masks on at all times except when they are on the bikes.

  • Can I rent a bike during Phase 2?
    Yes, we are continuing to offer bike rental in Phase 2. Please submit your request via this link https://bit.ly/2UBOEpA to find out on bike rental and availability. 
1) How does 7 days unlimited work?
The 7 days unlimited series is based on a weekly ride subscription.  For $80 a week, you get to book as many classes for 7 days, from your date of purchase.

2) Are there any booking restrictions?
Yes, please take note that this series is only exclusively available at our ECR studio.  As this series is time sensitive, there will be no extension under any circumstances.

3) Is there penalty if i booked for classes and no show. 
Due to limited spots availability, it is important to cancel your class in time to avoid a fine of $15 for no show and late cancels. Studio reserve the right to refuse admittance of entry until fine is paid.

4) How do I unsubscribe?
To unsubscribe, you need to fill up this form at least 7 days notice in advance: https://bit.ly/endweeklysubscription.

5) What happens if I am late to notify my intent to unsubscribe?
The next bill cycle will automatically continue and the effective date of unsubscription will take place for the subsequent bill cycle.

6) What is the effective date of the last subscription period?
The effective date of the last subscription period is determined by the bill cycle and the last class enrolled using this subscription plan. 

You purchase a 7 days unlimited series on 8th Jul, therefore, the validity for your series will be 8th – 15th Jul.  You then enrolled for classes using this subscription plan from 8th Jul all the way to the 19th.

As 19th Jul falls outside of your first week subscribed period (8th-15th) you will be billed $80 for your second cycle of 7 days for the period of 16th –  22nd Jul.

In the above scenario, if you wish to unsubscribe, you need to fill up the unsubscribe form no later than the 15th, which will enable us to cancel your subscription for you such that 22nd is your last day of booking and you will not be further billed. 

7) I have not booked for my first class, why is the activation date set?
Activation date will be set based on the date of purchase. 

8) What happens If I have not enrolled for any classes within the first week of subscription?
The subscription will continue for the next billing cycle and you will be able to enrol for classes in the next subscription period. There will be strictly no refund.

9) May I ask for an extension for my 7 days unlimited subscription?
7 days unlimited is a time sensitive series and as such, there is strictly no extension allowed. 

10) Can I share with my friend?
This series is not sharable and we reserve the right to claim for wrongful use of this series. Riders under this subscription plan will be required to have a profile picture under your account. This will be facilitated by the frontdesk at your first class enrolled under the subscription plan. 

11) Can I pause my subscription?
we do not yet have this function, but you may proceed to notify us of your unsubscription and resubscribe again when your schedule allows you to ride again.

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We are at Capitol Theatre in Nov and Dec.
    Please be informed, ISVR and Online videos will be suspended with effect from
    ISVR – 19th Oct
    Online Video – 20th Oct
  • What do I do with my balance ISVR classes? 
    You would have received an email notification on the conversion details. If you have not received it or required further clarification, please drop a note to help@synccycle.com.sg.
  • What is ISVR
    ISVR stands for In Studio Virtual Ride
    Riders will ride in our studio, together with our instructor virtually, projected via our 55″ TV screen.
  • How many riders can there be in a room?
    In accordance with the safety guidelines, 8 in YCK Studio and 9 in ECR Studio.
  • Can I share this series with a friend?
    Yes, please feel free to do that. Please send your request to help@synccycle.com.sg
  • Is ISVR available at ECR?
    We have plans to bring this model to ECR once we successfully roll this out at our YCK studio.  Please bear with us.
  • Can I use my series to ride ISVR?
    Yes, you may do so.  Alternatively, you may wish to purchase the ISVR drop in or ISVR Bundle.
  • Will there be more timing options?
    Yes, we will gradually increase more timing options throughout the day.
  • Will there be ISVR on weekends?
    Yes, we will gradually add ISVR on weekends too.
  • When will new schedule for ISVR be released?
    Schedule for ISVR will be released together with our live classes, every Sunday, between 8-10pm.
  • Would you replay the Virtual Class on different day?
    We will label each class so that you can take note of the virtual ride which you have attended.
    You have enrolled for 25th June Van – VR001.
    The same virtual class might be replayed on 31st July Van – VR001.
  • What is the difference between ISVR and Online Videos?
    ISVR is specially created for our ride community who do not have a bike at home.  While Online Video works best for those who owns a bike or have rented a bike from us.
  • How do I access the Online Videos?
    For more information on Online Videos, https://synccycleonline.uscreen.io/pages/faq
  • How do I get started?
    Getting started with us is easy.  All you need to do is to create an account online, purchase your selected series and book a spot on the day you wish to ride!  Turn up at least 10-15 minutes earlier before class so that we can assist you with the proper bike set up.
  • I am New. Which class is suitable?
    We strongly encourage you to start with our Beginners Ride so that you have a better understanding of what riding to the beat is about.  You may also join our Rhythmic Rides if that schedule suits you better.Our friendly crew and instructors will be there to help you to set up your bike before the ride begin.
  • Is there a min age required to join?
    Riders have to be at least 16 years old. Riders under 18 years old will need a parent or guardian to be present before their first class to sign a waiver form.
  • Is there a min height required to join?
    Yes, you need to be at least 1.53m to ride the bike.
  • Do you hold private class?
    Yes, we do. Please write in to help@synccycle.com.sg for assistance.
  • I have a pre-existing medical condition, can I ride?
    If you have any pre-existing medical condition, please first seek your doctor’s clearance before you join us on the bike.
  • How do I get there?
    Please go to Studios page for directions.
  • What amenities does the studio provide?
    Our studio has shower facilities, complete with toiletries, a water cooler and fresh fluffy towels to soak up those party sweat!
  • How do I get latest studio updates?
    Subscribe to our Telegram group: https://t/me/synccycle
    Follow us on IG: synccycle
  • What is your Cancellation period?
    One class credit will be deducted from your account  if a booked ride is cancelled less than 12 hours before the actual class timing  All cancelation can be done online.
  • What is your Late Policy
    There is a strict 5 minutes grace if you have rode with us at least 2 times and above.  For newbies, there is no grace period.  As such, please strive to arrive at least 10 – 15 minutes before the actual class timing to allow for ample time change and set up the bikes. We seek your cooperation and understanding, that all  latecomers will be denied entry.  This is to prevent  class disruption to the class and for your personal safety.
  • Do you offer any free trial?
    We do not offer free trials. However, you can purchase newbie rides at 2 for $40 if you are here at Sync Cycle for the first time.
  • Do you allow walk-ins?
    To guarantee a bike in class and a smooth check in process, we recommend that you do your booking online.
  • I am on a Waitlist, how would I be notified?
    You will be enrolled automatically once any cancellation is detected.  You will then be notified by an email.  Please check your email often whenever you are on waitlisted.
  • I was unaware that I’ve been enrolled from a waitlist, can I cancel my class?
    For waitlisters, we suggest that you check your emails regularly, to prevent the system from auto bumping you in, please remove yourself from the waitlist. 
  • How do I remove myself from the waitlist?
    These are the steps:
    Log into your account
    Select “My Classes”
    Select the class you want to remove yourself from, Click UNRESERVE
  • Can I bring a friend?
    We love that you are sharing the love for riding with your friends. Your friend can purchase a newbie ride or you may request to share your regular series with her. She can then book for the same class with the series she bought or shared with you.
  • Can I book 2 bikes?
    Each account is allowed to book only 1 bike in any class. If you are coming with your friend, they can register for an account and book for the same class with their series.
  • Can my friend ride under my account?
    For safety and accountability reasons, all riders are strictly required to ride under their own name.  Our studio reserves the full right to deny entry without credit refund should the rider is found not riding under his/her own account.
  • Why am I not able to book for classes?
    More often than not, it is due to the possibility that you have booked your first class at a later date than the second class.  For eg.: After purchasing a 10 class series, you booked your first class of this series on 1st November.  Then you wish to book your second class on 28th October.  The system would then prompt you to buy another series in order to book the class on the 28th.  This is because the system has already picked up 1st November as the activation date.  To rectify this, please write to us at help@synccycle.com.sg
  • I missed my class for various reasons, can you please waive off the late cancellation or no show policy and return my class credit?
    Unfortunately, we are not able to waive or refund your credit as there are abortive costs involved
  • How does the waitlist work?
    1. You are added to the waitlist in the order you join the queue.
    2. Whenever someone drop out of class, the next in line (waitlisted) will be automatically bumped in. This will happen during valid cancellation period.Eg: Last cancellation for next day 7:10pm class will be 7:10am on the same day.
    3. You will be notified by email. Please check often.
    4. If you are bumped into a class that you are not able to attend, please quickly cancel the class within the 12 hours cancellation period to avoid credits from being taken.
    5. If you are not able to attend a class anymore, please ensure you remember to remove yourself from the waitlist queue during the  cancellation period to avoid being bumped in.
    6. If you are being bumped in and can’t make it for class, please note that your credit will be taken as a bike has been kept aside for you.
    7. A credit will temporarily be deducted when you are on waitlist. Once the class is over, the waitlist will expire and credit will automatically be returned to your account.
  • Can I share my series with friends?
    Yes, these series are available for sharing
    – 5 class series and above can be shared with 1 rider.
    – 50 classes can be shared with 2 other riders.
  • How do I go about sharing?
    Provide us with you and your friend’s email addresses and we will assist with the linking of your accounts. You may send your request to help@synccycle.com.sg 
  • Can I split the no. of classes between my friend(s) and I?
    Our system does not allocate class count.  You may wish to work this out with your friend/s.
  • Can I ask for an extension?
    All extensions require the purchase of a minimum 5 class series to be extended. Please email us at help@synccycle.com.sg for assistance.
  • My series has expired. Can I still purchase a series and have my expired series extended?
    On a case by case basis, we will review and allow for such reactivation of expired series if the expired date is within 14 days of your new purchase.
  • Can I transfer my series to my friend?
    We will review such requests on a case by case basis.  Should your request be approved, please note that there is an administrative fee of $50.  If you are on a newbie series, please note that your series can only be transferred to another new rider who has not ride with us.
  • Can I ask for a refund?
    All purchases are final.
  • What is 28/30?
    This series allows you to ride up to 28 classes in a month at only $360. Please note that there is a no-show and late cancellation fee at $15.
  • Why is there a no show, late cancel fine for the 28/30 series?
    As a bike has been kept aside for you, your no show or late cancellation would have incurred an operating cost for the studio, and thus, it is necessary for the bike booked to be accounted for.
  • What should i bring?
    Please come in your activewear, bring along a water bottle, workout towel and a pair of socks. It is mandatory to wear socks for the ride. 
  • When should I arrive?
    If you are new to Sync Cycle, please always arrive 15 before the class starts.  This will provide you with time to set up the bikes. We also seek your cooperation and understanding, that latecomers will be denied entry to prevent any class disruption  and for your own personal safety.
  • What if I run late?
    All latecomers will be denied access into classes for safety reasons. Your class credit will not be refunded to your account as there are abortive costs involved.
  • Can I bring along my cycling shoes?
    Yes, please feel free to do so.
  • My muscles are sore, what should I do?
    You could be experiencing DOMS – Delayed Onset of Muscle Soreness. Please hydrate well and do stretching throughout the day to ease the soreness.  Refrain from further strenuous exercises and allow time for recovery.  If the soreness persists after a few days, please seek medical advice.