Sync Cycle @ Capitol Outdoor Plaza

We are super excited to ride outdoors with you and we know you must have questions to ask.  We have put together a series of FAQs that you may find helpful.  If you require further assistance, feel free to reach us at

Yes, you may use 5/10/20/30/50 series and Capitol drop in/Twin series for this magical ride.

There are 2 ways to book a ride:

With Sync Cycle active series

1. Click Book a bike > Change location to ECR > Select Capitol Outdoor Rides to book your ride. 

2. Once you have booked a spot, please proceed to purchase a “Capitol Top Up” pass at $28.
Please complete your booking by purchasing this “Capitol Top Up” pass within 2 hours.  Your spot will be released automatically without the purchase of this pass within 2 hours.

Without Sync Cycle active series

  1. Visit, Click Buy > Select ECR Studio > Purchase Capitol Outdoor Rides Drop In at $45.
  2. Click Book a Bike > Select ECR Studio > Select Capitol Outdoor Rides to book your ride.
This drop in pass is non refundable.  You can use it for any of our indoor classes held at either our YCK or ECR studio and the $20 Capitol Mall Voucher will be issued to you when you visit our studio for your ride.
– 45 minutes Sync Cycle Rhythmic ride at Capitol Outdoor Plaza.
– $20 Capitol Mall voucher
Each rider is required to register their account and reserve a bike using their registered account.
  • Each account is allowed to book only 1 bike in any class.
Yes, you may do so.  Each bike booked would require a purchase of 1 “Capitol Top up” pass.
All bookings are to be done online.
Yes. You will be enrolled automatically once any cancellation is detected during the cancellation period and you will be notified by an email.  Please check your email often whenever you are on waitlisted.
For waitlisters, we suggest that you check your emails regularly, to prevent the system from auto bumping you in, please remove yourself from the waitlist during the cancellation period.
  1. Log into your account
  2. Select “My Classes”
  3. Select the class you want to remove yourself from, Click Unreserve.
Bring along a workout towel, socks, bottled water, umbrella, some wet wipes, your best self and we are ready to roll!
All our bikes are fitted with Keo Look pedal, thus you will need to put on a pair of cleated shoes to enjoy the ride.  We will be providing these cycling shoes for your ride, just remember to indicate your shoe size upon check out.
If weather is unfriendly on the day of ride, whether before or during the class, the class may be canceled for the safety of everyone. 

In the event of cancellation due to foreboding weather, here is what will happen :


  1. Foreboding weather 15 mins before class:

Our crew will send a WA notification to all registered riders to advise them that the class is cancelled and credit will be returned to affected riders to book for popup ride/in studio class. 


We will automatically extend the validity for the Outdoor ride DROP IN, up to 30 days. 


  1. If we have to cancel a class within 15 minutes of the class:
    In the event of cancellation due to foreboding weather within 15 minutes into the ride, the Instructor shall announce cancellation and credit will be returned to affected riders to book for next outdoor ride/in studio class.

    We will automatically extend the validity for the Outdoor ride DROP IN, up to 30 days. 


  1. If we have to cancel a class after 15 minutes of the class: 

In the event of cancellation due to foreboding weather 16 mins into the ride,
The session would be deemed utilised.

These rides are transferable but non refundable.  If you are not feeling well, or need to attend to something urgent and are unable to ride, please feel free to transfer your reserved bike to your friend or family. Please ensure they have the account created before heading for the rides, we will perform the backend changes to assist with the registration.

We reserve the rights to deny access if we do not receive the request for the change. 


If you do not show up for the ride, please understand that it is considered as a no show and the ride is considered as sold with no refund or rescheduling allowed.

Do drop us a note @ to keep us informed of your friend’s account with Sync Cycle. 

Yes, we are all about loving your body and growing stronger together.  If this is your first time riding, our crew will help you set up your bike, and our instructor will guide you to ride at a pace you find suitable and provide guidance on how to increase your intensity as you grow stronger.
Yes, all the guidelines are observed strictly, from temperature taking to demarcated floor and bike sanitisation after every ride.
Late comers will be denied access and there will be no refunds made. 

Please arrive at least 10mins minutes before the class starts to get yourself oriented. For first timer, it is important that we get you on the bike safely.

Do observe the safety distancing requirements if you arrive early. Look out for our crew members on site if you need help.

Yes, you may.  However, this is strictly subjected to excess bike availability on the same day.  If the next class attendance is full, then we will not be able to further assist and your booking will be considered a no show.
You may only try to get a bike for the class that you missed on the same day. 
You may proceed to cancel the bike reservation 12 hours before the class starts.

Login to your account > Go to My Classes > Unreserve
Please note that there is a strict 12 hours cancellation policy.

Eg: Last cancellation for next day 6pm class will be 5:59am on the same day. 

1. What if a non member want to book a weekday evening class?
Non member can join our weekday evening ride at $45 drop in rate. Go to Buy > Capitol Outdoor Drop in. Drop us a note to get the invitation to the book the bike.

2. How many weekday evening classes can I ride?
You can book as many weekday evening classes without the need to further purchase a $28 drop in voucher. You must however, at least have one weekend class booked with a one time purchase of the $28 Capitol Top Up Pass.

3. Can I book the weekday evening class without the top up?
No, you need to have at least one weekend top up pass to be eligible for the weekday evening rides.

4. Can I use my unlimited to ride the weekday evening classes?
All series including Phase 2 bundle can be used except 7 days unlimited, ISVR, drop in, newbies ride, off peak and 28/30.

5. How does eligible rider book for the weekday evening classes?
A private link will be sent to you to book the weekday evening classes with your existing series.

6. Is this arrangement applicable to riders who already purchased weekend top ups for 11, 12th and 13th?
Yes, this is applicable to all riders who have purchased the $28 Top Up Pass or $45 Outdoor Drop in.

7. I bought a drop in for the weekend ride, but I currently do not have a series with the studio. Can I purchase a series now and use this series to book the weekday evening classes?
Yes, you can do that.

This Oct, ride with us an extra flair of iconic history, inside this neoclassical gem, in an experience like no other at the Capitol Theatre.

Schedule will be out for booking on the 18th Oct 630pm.