‘You are your only limit’.

Jas’s love for cycling has led her to start up Sync Cycle in 2016. A certified SPINNING® instructor and fitness enthusiast, it is no surprise that Jas sometimes leads up to six classes in a week! Her belief in maintaining a positive mindset towards aging keeps her going and she has rubbed off her positive energy to many riders since.

‘It’s all in or nothing’.

Simin is a certified SPINNING® instructor and athletics coach. She believes strongly in having an active lifestyle. Seeing sweaty and happy riders after every session gives her great satisfaction! Clip on and ride it out with Simin for an energy charging session.

‘When in doubt, ride it out’.

Van did her first indoor cycling class back in 2014. Fuelled by her passion for music and indoor cycling, Van enjoys discovering new tracks while on her frequent business travels and integrating them into her rides. Expect an artful selection of funky beats and moves in her rides!

‘ Don’t just set goals, hunt them’.

Bryan took on his first indoor rhythmic ride during his army days. What first set out as a weekend workout regime became his passion and the energy he lives for. Take on the bike with Bryan as he brings you on his playlists of fun and cool beats.

‘Do it with passion, or not at all’.

A medical student and a fitness junkie, Clair is constantly moving and seeking for ways to keep herself active and fit. A rider with Sync Cycle for close to 2 years evolved to a committed and motivating instructor. Ride with Clair and you’ll come back for more.

‘Great things never came from comfort zones’.

Jeanne set herself on our ride challenge and was inspired to lead her own rides from then on. A professional netball player and a fitness lover, Jeanne finds satisfaction in workouts that push her limits. Let Jeanne’s infectious energy motivate you to your goals.