Jas’s love for cycling has led her to start up Sync Cycle in 2016. A certified SPINNING® instructor and fitness enthusiast, it is no surprise that Jas sometimes leads up to six classes in a week!
Her belief in maintaining a positive mindset towards aging keeps her going and she has rubbed off her positive energy to many riders since! She is always on the lookout for upbeat music that keeps herself and all riders on the adrenaline rush.

Jas’s positive energy will guarantee you a workout that will have you mentally and physically fulfilled.

An adrenaline junkie who is constantly on the lookout for new challenges, Janice loves a good sweat session on the bike.

Janice’s classes are mostly fun and light-hearted, with elements to keep you constantly challenged, while you find your edge, as she believes that you will walk out of every class stronger.

Exercise has already been ingrained a lifestyle as you will find Janice on the mat, at the barre, running, or simply trying out something new on her off day.

Samantha T
Samantha TInstructor
Taking her love for high intensity workouts coupled with adrenaline rushes, Sam brings with her the love for pushing limits. She discovered spinning two years ago and has never looked back since. Being an avid sports climber provided her with the strength training and couples it with spinning for the cardio to complement her training. Her bubbly and encouraging spirit seeks to push you further with each ride.

Look forward to lots of rock n roll, alternative and indie tracks when it comes to Sam’s playlist. Just have fun, laugh a little but always push hard.

Off the bike, you can most probably catch her lounging around with a coffee in hand, looking for cake or on a mat deepening her practice. Nothing beats a good stretch just to wind down and let go.

Simin is a certified SPINNING® instructor and athletics coach. An educator by day, she can’t live without a fun and energising workout after a day of work.

Her indoor cycling regime has been the main boost in her stamina and endurance for running marathons. She believes strongly in having an active lifestyle. Seeing sweaty and happy riders after every session gives her great satisfaction! Clip on and rock out with Simin for a energy charging session.

Not knowing what spinning would entail, Apryl went for her first class because her friends booked her a bike and she never looked back since.
Combining her love for music and an amazing sweat session, she features mostly pop songs in class, because she believes in having you sing along to the songs while you push yourself a little harder. What’s a class without the fun.

Get ready to go double time and be nudged out of your comfort zone with Apryl.

A new kid on the block. Van did her first spin class back in 2014 and recalled that she got tired just pedaling on the warm up track. Two years and many classes later she started road riding and fell in love with the goodness that cycling brings.

Fueled by her passion for music and party moves, Van enjoys researching and listening to new tracks on her frequent business travels. With an artful selection of funky dance beats and choreographed movements, the cardio party will be a blast.

Van believes in pushing herself and hopes that her sets will help push her riders to the next level and walk out of the party room feeling really good about themselves. For those who know her already, you know what it means when she asks you to show her your right hand!

Amber was a rave queen that would never miss a good party almost every weekend. Today, her wicked party engagements have progressed to being a riot on the bikes every Sunday.

She lives for the insane energy that riders always bring, the immense euphoria after a sweat sesh, and the intrinsic belief that you are capable of pushing limits you never knew about.

On days off the bike, you may catch Amber hitting the bay for a jog after work, lip sync-ing while cruising on the roads, or pursuing to crack the code of a life well-lived.

Amber’s infectious energy is sure to keep you coming back for more.