Laura Maxwell
Laura MaxwellInstructor
Laura brings with her diversity having lived in Canada, Australia and now Singapore. Laura began her fitness journey in a gym. Since then, she has come a long way pursuing other practices such as yoga and spinning. Lover of the outdoors, Laura takes her bike out for rides in her free time and she has taken that same love with the intention to share it with her riders.

Her rides will take you to destinations unknown, riding with the outdoors in mind, the calm and the quiet, the hustle and bustle, its about the experience of the ride.

A mother who adores her family and cat, she’s also known to spend her time baking, travelling and reading or seeking out some of her favourite food.

Lydia Lindsay
Lydia LindsayInstructor
Having grown up with netball and long distance running, it’s no wonder Lydia takes her rides with equal parts speed and endurance. After being exposed to spinning, Lydia has embraced and savoured every experience she has had on the bike. Constantly seeking out new ways to make your ride more enjoyable and exhilarating, Lydia is one to keep you going.

Taking her inspiration from rides she has experienced all over the world, combining it with her love for music – expect the unexpected in her classes.

When she’s not in the studio, you can expect Lydia to be soaking up the goodness of the sun, sipping on a good cup of coffee, or curled up on her couch with a good book occasionally accompanied by her dog, Hunter.

Chris Lim
Chris LimInstructor
Chris was originally from Australia, deciding to settle down in Singapore. His previous job took him many places but eventually he found home here on this little sunny island. Finding more joy in the world of fitness, Chris traded the shirts and ties for active wear so that he could share his love of an active lifestyle with others.

A man of variety, you can always expect an element of surprise during his rides. He will be sure tap into the limitless energy of the class so get ready to tap back, roll and dip!

Other than his passion for spinning, Chris marries his love for travel and sports by seeking out destinations across the globe in search of races to continuously challenge himself.

Simin is a certified SPINNING® instructor and athletics coach. An educator by day, she can’t live without a fun and energising workout after a day of work.

Her indoor cycling regime has been the main boost in her stamina and endurance for running marathons. She believes strongly in having an active lifestyle. Seeing sweaty and happy riders after every session gives her great satisfaction! Clip on and rock out with Simin for a energy charging session.

Perry K
Perry KInstructor
Cycling; road, mountain, stunt – you name it, he’s done it. Cycling is almost second nature to Perry. An avid lover of basketball as well, Perry still remains active in his pursuit for excellence in this area. He is not only a competitive basketball player, Perry coaches the sport too when he’s not on the bike.

With all of that, Perry brings into his class great motivational energy, high-intensity and also his ability to nurture people through their journey in fitness. Not only will he push you hard on the bike, he will match you pedal for pedal throughout your class.

Outside of sports, self-declared connoisseur of coffee (or at least his preference of it), he actually owns his own set of coffee tools sans the machine, yet. If you’re not sure what’s good, you know who to look for!

Samantha T
Samantha TInstructor
Taking her love for high intensity workouts coupled with adrenaline rushes, Sam brings with her the love for pushing limits. She discovered spinning two years ago and has never looked back since. Being an avid sports climber provided her with the strength training and couples it with spinning for the cardio to complement her training. Her bubbly and encouraging spirit seeks to push you further with each ride.

Look forward to lots of rock n roll, alternative and indie tracks when it comes to Sam’s playlist. Just have fun, laugh a little but always push hard.

Off the bike, you can most probably catch her lounging around with a coffee in hand, looking for cake or on a mat deepening her practice. Nothing beats a good stretch just to wind down and let go.