Our Classes


This 50 min class will have you pumped up along with our carefully curated list of upbeat, invigorating music! Rhythmic Ride combines upper body, core, and lower body exercises. Be prepared to rev up your cardio and expect to burn 400 calories upwards! Feel the beat and get ready to party.  This ride is suitable for beginners and regular riders.


Our Performance Ride is crafted for those of you who want to focus on riding.  Taking the outside ride experience indoor, our instructors will guide you through various challenging chartered terrains.  Expect to tackle rolling hills, steep mountains, intervals, climbs and sprints.  Whether your goal is to be stronger or just stay in shape, come rev it up and be prepared to torch calories of 500 and upwards. This ride is suitable for all levels as you are in complete control using the adjustable resistance knob on the bikes.


Bundle Prices Per Class Validity
Newbie Rides (2x) $35 $17.50 01 week
1 $32 $32 01 week
10 sessions $290 $29 12 weeks
30 sessions $790 $26 24 weeks
50 sessions $1100 $22 42 weeks
Unlimited $300 Unlimited 01 month